Hungerford Bookshop Loyalty cards

Hungerford Bookshop’s Loyalty Scheme

We believe in rewarding our loyal customers that choose to buy their books from a local independent bookshop. We have been offering a loyalty card for years: for every £10 you spend you will receive a stamp on your card. When 8 stamps fill the card you can choose to have £5 off your next purchase or take away a £5 voucher. We also offer a children’s version which works the same way except a stamp per book is given (regardless of how much the book is). 

However we are in the process of changing over to a new electronic system which means no more searching around for your card in your purse, or having a cluster of half-filled ones at home– hurrah!  

Furthermore, you will no longer have to spend £10 in one transaction to gain a point – your point will accumulate. This is good news for all our regular customers that, for instance, buy one paperback at a time.

Ask to be part of our loyalty scheme.