The Nature of Creativity

The Nature of Creativity


The renowned textile artist and embroiderer Jane E. Hall shows you how to attune to the beauty of the natural world as a way of stimulating your creativity and mindfulness.

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As we become increasingly aware of the power of nature to lift our spirits, so, too, are we becoming more conscious of the role that mindfulness can play in sparking our creativity. The renowned textile artist and embroiderer Jane E. Hall brings these ideas together in her captivating new book. As a child, Jane loved playing outside and making things using natural materials, from daisy chains and petal-based perfumes to tiny tea sets of acorn cups and leaf saucers. Now, as a successful professional artist, Jane still finds great happiness and inspiration in connecting with nature, and here encourages you to attune to the beauty of the natural world as a way of stimulating your creativity.Jane begins by explaining how spending time in nature helps us to engage the senses and rediscover playfulness, and outlines her belief that one should embrace the process of making art rather than focusing on its final form. She shares the special spaces, both indoors and out, that allow her imagination to have free rein, and then presents 10 creative ideas inspired by nature. These 'Creative Contemplations' first explore building your own treasure collection of materials to use in artistic projects, and then move on to the creation of a range of beautiful designs: stunning mandalas of petals, leaves, and shells; delicate dreamcatchers; a dainty purse of honesty seed pods; handmade birds' nests; exquisite embroidered butterflies; 'woodland fairies' composed of lichen-covered twigs and feathers; and much more. Some 'Contemplations' include step-by-step instructions, while others feature the stories behind their making in order to inspire you to push beyond your perceived creative limits. Jane's writing style is uplifting and engaging, and the text throughout is accompanied by specially commissioned photography. No matter how skilled or unskilled you believe yourself to be, The Nature of Creativity will nurture your artistic thoughts and help you find your inner happiness. Journey with Jane through the natural landscape to unlock your artistic potential and breathe creativity back into your life!

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