Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace


This gorgeous gift book follows a year in the life of the royal garden at Buckingham Palace. Gardening insights and tips from the Head Gardener, Mark Lane, are presented alongside atmospheric photography and an an authoritative text, including royal anecdotes.

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Hidden behind the high walls surrounding Buckingham Palace is one of London's most beautiful gardens, the venue for a busy calendar of royal events, including the much-loved tradition of The Queen's Garden Party.

Award-winning photographer John Campbell has spent a year taking pictures of that garden for this richly illustrated book, revealing the changes that occur through the seasons, as massed bulbs give way to the roses of high summer and the turning trees of autumn. The text, by gardening writer Claire Masset, follows a year in the life of the royal garden, and is full of insights and practical tips from the Head Gardener, Mark Lane.

Enlivened by royal anecdote, the book reveals the skills of the gardeners who have tended these London acres over the centuries and the tastes and keen horticultural interests of successive monarchs, such as James I whose campaign to introduce silk production to Britain was the inspiration for Buckingham Palace's National Collection of Mulberries.

Today this hidden oasis in the centre of London is home to an increasingly diverse array of flora and fauna, including the royal beehives located on an island in the garden's 3.5-acre lake, and is a source of ideas and inspiration for every gardener, equally applicable to a homely plot as to the garden of a royal palace.

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