A year in story and song


Whether it’s a soul-stirring song to commemorate Burns Night or Shakespeare’s engaging sea shanty in The Tempest, this book promises to make every month feel extraordinary. In addition to the diverse range of songs and stories, this book offers a cultural journey with tales from various traditions. Get ready to be captivated by an enchanting Irish Catholic tale in March, a compelling Jewish tale in April, and an intriguing Cornish Folk tale in July. This Almanac is not just a one-time read but a treasured companion that you’ll find yourself revisiting throughout the year.

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A Year in Story and Song is a captivating collection of stories and songs that celebrates the seasons.

We humans love stories. We love to hear them and to tell them, around fires and by bedsides, and we love to use them to make sense of the world around us.

The seasons, in all their ever-changing variety, give us many opportunities for storytelling: the full moons and their names, Epiphany in January, St Patrick’s Day in March, May Day, Midsummer, Halloween and more. They feature mischievous boggarts and fairies, saints and sailors, leprechauns and dragons, pilgrimages and charms, milk maids and rose queens, Robin Hood and the green man. The songs range from shanties and love songs, to bawdy ballads and wassails, to carols and rounds, and have been sung for hundreds of years, often at particular moments in the calendar.

This is a book to treasure all year, every year.

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