Air fryer cookbook for dummies


New to the air fryer? We’ve got you covered! In addition to 150 mouth-watering recipes, you’ll find so much more about how to make the air fryer part of your regular routine within the pages of this book. Looking to lose some weight but still eat great? Trying to improve your heart-health with diet? Or, simply looking for a fan favourite recipe to bring to a party? Look no further because you’ll find that in here. From the best types of foods to air fry to the perfect seasoning or sauce to accompany any dish, this book truly has it all.

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Prepare your favorite comfort foods the healthy way

Chocolate chip muffins? Crispy bacon? Steak tacos? But . . . should you? Of course you should-especially when your air fryer makes it possible to put deliciously crispy food on your plate with a minimum of fuss, mess, and up to 80% fewer calories! Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, lose weight, or impress your friends, Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies fills you in on everything you need to make air frying a regular part of your routine.

In addition to 150 mouth-watering recipes from popular nutrition and diet experts Wendy Jo Peterson and Elizabeth Shaw, you’ll find a thorough exploration of the benefits of air frying, the most suitable foods, and how to cook for a specialized diet-from Keto to vegan. And to top things off, our authors share the secrets of the perfect seasoning or sauce to accompany any dish. 

  • Know how your air fryer actually works
  • Cook safely and efficiently
  • Prep your dishes for perfectly air fried results
  • Plan your meals 

From breakfast to supper-with a few sweet treats and party snacks on the side-Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies shows you how to turn hot air into those mouth-watering “fried” foods you love the most.

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