Camp Zero


America, 2049: At a Cold War-era research station, a group of highly-trained women with the code-name White Alice are engaged in climate surveillance. But the terms of their employment become increasingly uncertain. And in a former oil town in northern Canada called Dominion Lake, a camp is being built – Camp Zero. A rare source of fresh, clean air and cooler temperatures, it will be the beginning of a new community and a new way of life. Grant believes it will be the perfect place to atone for his family’s dark legacy. Everyone has an agenda. So who can you trust? And could falling in love be most the radical act of all?

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‘A page-turning feminist mystery thriller’ Observer

‘Distinctive and involving’ Daily Mail

‘Surprising and satisfying’ Guardian

Rose wants a better life for herself and her mother. Taking a job as a hostess in the Floating City’s elite club feels like her best hope.

It means she has a steady pay cheque, that she can stay cool as the temperatures hit new highs and when storms devastate the mainland, she is safe.

And when the eccentric creator of the Flick, the universally enjoyed digital implant which allows everyone to remain perpetually online, asks for her to spy on a secretive northern building project in return for her mother’s residency, Rose agrees.

But she is unprepared for the brutality of Camp Zero. And when it becomes clear that she is not the only person with an agenda, solidarity becomes as precious as fresh air.

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