Dairy Free: Recipes & Preparation


If you’re lactose intolerant or are just trying a dairy-free diet, you’ll be delighted with our delicious recipes. From making your own ‘milk’ and ‘cheese’, to sauces, snacks and breakfasts, to creamy mains and indulgent desserts – try the Yogurt Chicken Curry or the No-bake Cheesecake – there are plenty of dairy-free ideas for all your needs.

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Whether you’re lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy or are just trying a dairy-free diet, you’ll be delighted with our selection of varied and delicious recipes. Learn all about dairy and the lactose enzyme, the benefits of going dairy-free and how to make the transition, as well as key foods to avoid, naturally-dairy-free foods and great substitutes, along with tools and techniques. Methods are provided to make your own staples such as plant- and nut-based milks, cheeses, yogurt, spreads and creams, and a wealth of tempting recipes are included, for everything from Sauces, Dips & Dressings to Comforting Mains to Baking & Desserts and more – why not try making Rice Milk Pancakes, Cheesy Broccoli Soup, Pizza with Peppers & ‘Ricotta’ or Perfect Cupcakes with Buttercream? The accessible text by an expert in dairy-free living is accompanied by gorgeous, inspirational photography. There’s plenty here to inspire you in this hassle-free, dairy free extravaganza.

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