Gin Palace


Gin Palace is the second book by Tracy Whitwell in a hilarious series featuring Tanz, the accidental medium who, with the help of the dead, has become an unwilling crime-solver.

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Tracy Whitwell’s second novel Gin Palace picks up with the main character, Tanz, from The Accidental Medium, as she grows accustomed to her rather unusual gift . . .

Tanz can talk to ghosts, although she’d prefer it if she couldn’t. Struggling to make ends meet as an actress and wholly unsuited to supply teaching, Tanz is only one bad day away from a meltdown. And the babbling ghosts aren’t helping.

So when Tanz is offered a paid acting gig in her hometown, things start to look up. But Newcastle’s dead won’t stay quiet for long, and soon Tanz becomes haunted with visions of a mysterious Gin Palace guarded by a sinister figure. As Tanz starts to piece together a terrible tragedy, it becomes clear there’s no limit to what the poltergeist will do to keep his secrets his own.

Unfortunately, he’s never met anyone quite like Tanz before . . .

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