Happy all the time


Vincent is pretty certain he will win a Nobel Prize for Physics. When he meets Holly, her loves her on sight. Guido plans to write poetry and when Misty – bored and misanthropic – steps into his office, he finds himself desperate to know her. Through courtship, jealousy, estrangement and other perils, we watch as the two couples manage to find love in spite of themselves.

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A ‘jewel of romantic comedy’ (New York Times) from the late great author, adored by Nigella Lawson, Dolly Alderton, Katherine Heiny and Caroline O’Donoghue.

It was just as she suspected: love turned you into perfect mush.

GUIDO is not in the habit of falling in love with women he sees in museums. Until he meets HOLLY. Precise about everything, she knows what she likes: pressed sheets, oranges (but nothing orange-flavoured), tea on a tray – and now, Guido.

Meanwhile VINCENT, Guido’s eternally cheerful best friend and cousin, falls for his misanthropic new colleague, MISTY. She seems as uninterested in love as she is in Vincent (at first).

Through courtship, arguments, wedding plans and other perils, the couples find a way to be happy (almost) all the time.

‘Seriously wise, seriously wonderful, seriously comic – your life will be richer for it’ Katherine Heiny

‘Uplifting, funny, generous. One of the most comforting, clever novels I know’ Samantha Ellis

‘Human and humorous, full of wisdom and love’ Emma Straub

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