How to Cook a Wolf


Written in 1942 to inspire courage in those daunted by wartime shortages, ‘How to Cook a Wolf’ has continued to rally readers and cooks during times of both scarcity and plenty. With her trademark wit and warm wisdom, Fisher shares her timeless tips for keeping up spirits – and appetites – when ingredients are in short supply. Instead of regretting what we don’t have, she teaches us how to savour what we do. Fisher also offers dozens of recipe ideas, from making soups and simple omelettes, to baking bread and sprucing up tinned food. Knowing that the last thing hungry people need are hints on cutting back and making do, Fisher gives us licence to dream, experiment and invent adventurous and delicious meals from whatever we can salvage from the back of the cupboard. ‘How to Cook a Wolf’ shows us how to feed our hungers and nourish our souls, even when fear is in our hearts and the wolf is at the door.

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