Into the Weeds


Into the Weeds encourages fledgling and experienced gardeners alike to stop fighting the weeds and find beauty and resilience in the unexpected, “undesirable” plants around them.

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In Into the Weeds, Tama Matsuoka Wong, master forager and gardener, empowers you to rethink your relationship with gardening and embrace a gentler, less rigid approach to tending the land and encouraging plants, even if you didn’t plant them yourself. This book is part practical, part philosophical, with information for building simple structures like borders and beds with wild wood scraps, a handy plant ID section for some of the most common edible, useful, plants in the world, and recipes for teas, tinctures, and cocktails. Learn a variety of skills and recipes, from how to make fencing for garden beds, to mixing a Fig Leaf Gimlet. Guidance on how wild plants can be used in arrangements and as décor challenges the way we engage with and value the plants around us. As the author writes, “All land, be it a formal hardscaped botanical garden, public park, office courtyard, backyard, front yard, farmland, community plot, urban lot, a windowsill pot…can shelter a little wilderness, a piece of paradise.”.

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