Lifeshocks: And How To Love them

Lifeshocks: And How To Love them


Sophie Sabbage here looks back at her life with the wisdom that has come from a deeply human confrontation her own mortality. Cancer awakened in her brand new, fresh receptivity to learning about the ego mind (which wants to live forever) and the nature of reality. She writes that life awakens us through the harshest cuts of human experience in order that we may flourish and fly.

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'There are moments in time when our internal perceptions are confronted by external events, when what is assumed, wished or imagined collides with what is...'

Sophie Sabbage, author of The Cancer Whisperer, has written this book to show that we can choose how we respond to these Lifeshocks.

She shows lifeshocks knock on the doors of our pretences and invite us to walk authentically through the world, and that if we recognize this, we can respond to them creatively. Beginning with examples of lifeshocks from her own life and from the lives of people she has mentored, Sophie show shows how bad things shape our lives, starting from an early age, and how we tend to react to them in a way that diminish our lives. But she also shows how we can react to them in a way that helps us find our true purpose in life, explaining the different types of lifeshocks, the gifts those different types bring with them and how to access those gifts quickly.

Lifeshocks is a book that can completely transform your life so that your become full of gratitude for it.

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