Lonely Planet Kids The Games on the Go Activity Book


Kick boredom to the curb with this awesome activity book that’s packed with over 100 brilliant brain teasers, puzzles, drawing challenges, tricky riddles, mazes, and more. Whether you’re in the car, on a plane or stuck inside on a rainy day, this fun companion is sure to keep kids – and even grown ups – busy for hours. All you need is a pencil!

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The ultimate on-the-go activity book that’s packed with over 100 travel-themed games for curious minds who enjoy pencil to paper challenges.From road trip bingo to search-and-find pictures; true or false quizzes to mind-bending mazes; this book makes the ultimate companion for kids who love to solve puzzles and keep their minds busy. Inside The Games on the Go Activity Book:Over 100 games to banish boredom with fill-in activities, word and matching games, drawing tasks and so much moreThe perfect size to fit into your hand luggage or backpack so you can easily dip in and out of the games, brainteasers, and drawing challengesThe much-anticipated follow-up to the Games on the Go activity cards boxset and an entertaining addition to the Lonely Planet Kids’ Activities on the Go seriesAnswers and solutions are available at the end of the bookHours of entertainment with interactive activities including: mirror mirror picture drawing; fill in the blank space; draw your own skyscrapers; word searches; solve the number sequence; memory games; connect the words to pictures; sudoku; spot the odd one out; match the missing image; treasure hunts; word scrambles Make The Games on the Go Activity Book a must-pack addition for your travels and discover pages of entertaining activities that combine some of the best puzzles and challenges from the Lonely Planet Kids’ Activities on the Go series. This is the perfect book to engage thinkers during an adventure away from home or an afternoon spent indoors.

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