Mailed Fist


Based on the author’s own experience with the British Army and specifically the Royal Armoured Corps, Mailed Fist brings this extraordinary story of tank warfare to life.

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In April 1943, newly commissioned John Foley is postedto command Five Troop and their trusty Churchill tanksAvenger, Alert, and Angler – thus begins his initiation intothe Royal Armoured Corps. Covering the trials of training,embarkation to France and batt le experience throughNormandy, the Netherlands, the Ardennes campaign andinto Germany, Foley’s intimate and detailed account followsthe fate of this group of men in the latt er stages of theSecond World War: If this book can be said to be a history ofanything, it is a history of Five Troop. Not of the squadron, orof the regiment. If anybody wants to know what happenedin other troops, or in other squadrons, it’s all recordedpainstakingly in the War Diaries and lodged in a RecordsOff ice somewhere.Based on the author’s own experience with the BritishArmy, Mailed Fist is reprinted in a new edition includingan introduction from IWM, putt ing the work into historicalcontext and shining a light on this fascinating experience ofthe Second World War.

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