Moonology? Messages Oracle


Discover the wisdom of the Moon, harness the positive lunar energy and transform your life using the messages within this new oracle from Sunday Times bestselling author Yasmin Boland. This powerful divination tool will connect you to your own innate wisdom and intuition and help you to navigate your way towards positivity, inspiration and peace.

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The Moon is whispering to you – are you listening?The Moonology? Messages Oracle is a powerful divination tool that will connect you to your own innate wisdom and intuition.The ever-changing Moon speaks to those of us who are listening – leaving clues, hints and messages, which come through as feelings. These cards tap into those feelings, to offer clear guidance about you situation; where you are and the best way forwards. All you need to do is listen to Her whispers. The Moonology? Messages Oracle taps into the Moon’s message via 48 beautiful Moon symbols, helping you navigate tricky times and back to peace.Be inspired to take action based on your inner knowing. The mystical Moon is there for us and guiding us. Use this oracle to ask a question and She will light the path ahead. Let Her help you access your own wisdom and knowledge.

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