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On the fiftieth anniversary of Waterloo – the song, not the battle – one super-fan sits down to listen to the ABBA Gold album from start to finish, and looks back over the half-century he has spent in the company of ABBA’s music, and attempting to unlock the secrets of its hold on him, and on all of us. 

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‘A lovely book – as bright, shiny and uplifting as an Abba hit’ Daily Mail

‘[A] witty and affectionate account . . . It’s not a stretch to say that, at its core, My My! is a book about time, death and the possibility of immortality’ Sunday Times

My My! The story of ABBA told through a selection of their greatest hits.

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of Waterloo (the song, not the battle) – a seminal moment in pop history which saw Swedish sensation ABBA burst on to the international music scene. How is it that half a century later this seventies Eurovision act is bigger than ever – reaching listeners of all ages and spinning off into musicals, museums and holograms? Giles Smith, writer and music fan, sets out to find out why.

My My! is a celebration of ABBA through the ages. It’s one fan’s way of saying: thank you for the music.

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