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Oz’s most authoritative and definitive, yet also his most personal wine book ever. This book, and Oz, really are your personal wine guides.

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There have never been so many delicious and original wines in the world, and to discover them, all you need is a glass in your hand and Oz Clarke – the ideal wine companion. With his inimitable sense of adventure and fun, Oz explains how his fascination with flavour led him to abandon a promising acting career and follow his heart from Chablis to ‘the lost Himalayan valleys of Yunnan’ in pursuit new taste experiences and wine thrills. He found them! Oz Clarke On Wine takes us on a fast-paced, witty romp around the grape varieties key to the world’s major wine styles, then explores the vineyards and regions where a vast trove of wine treasure lies waiting for discovery. Oz’s passion for sharing, his deep wine knowledge, and his ability to conjure up the wine world’s most beautiful landscapes, make this book the most unputdownable wine read this century. Includes: How Oz fell in love with wine: from his first dramatic encounter on a river-bank (aged three), to his post-performance tasting tales (after ‘governing Argentina’ as General Perón in the hit show Evita Oz explains how global warming affects what we drink today, and the new styles we can expect ‘tomorrow’ Organic and Biodynamic wines, Oz’s favourite fizz The world’s best-tasting wines, from Aconcagua to Okanagan, from Patagonia to east Yorkshire?, and wines to enjoy, from budget to blue chip? For sipping and savouring now. Or to age and enjoy in 10, 20, 30-years’ time?

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