Ruby and the royal baby


There’s great excitement at the palace as Princess Katie and the kittens get ready for the arrival of a new royal baby! How will Katie like having a new baby brother or sister? And how will the kittens feel about having to share Katie’s time with her new sibling – and maybe even with some new siblings of their own?

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FROM THE CREATOR OF UNICORN ACADEMY, NOW ON NETFLIX! Welcome to Starlight Palace!There’s great excitement in the palace. The Queen is having a baby! Princess Katie and her best friend Becky are busy helping to prepare for the new arrival. Ruby, the silver and white kitten, is desperate to help too, but her efforts keep landing her in trouble! When Princess Katie and Becky go to find her, she’s nowhere to be found. Where could the mischievous little kitten have got to?With short chapters, black-and-white illustrations and fabulous facts about kitten care. “An adorable series for youngsters just moving on to chapter books” Lancashire Evening Post COLLECT THEM ALL! There are five fabulous adventures for fans of Princess Katie and her kittens to enjoy.

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