Sea Fever: A British Maritime Miscellany

Sea Fever: A British Maritime Miscellany


Can you interpret the shipping forecast? Do you know your flotsam from your jetsam? Or who owns the foreshore? Can you tie a half-hitch – or would you rather splice the mainbrace? Full of charming illustrations and surprising facts, ‘Sea Fever’ provides the answers to all these questions and more.

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'What a fun book! Reading Sea Fever is enticing and intriguing, like watching floating treasure bob past your nose.' Tristan Gooley, author of The Natural NavigatorAHOY THERE! REEL IN YOUR COPY OF THIS YEAR'S BEST BEACH READ Are you all at sea by the seaside?We are an island nation, surrounded on all sides by waters which provide us with everything from food to fun. But when it comes to really understanding the ins and outs, we sometimes find ourselves ... less than shipshape. Luckily, Sea Fever is here to help: stacked to the gunnels with interesting facts, practical advice and esoteric seaside lore, once you've read it, you'll never feel like a landlubber again. So, dive on in to uncover the secrets of dead reckoning, the dark arts of crabbing and the charms of the morning star. Batten down the hatches and learn how to right a capsized boat, gut a fish or escape from quicksand. Or simply allow yourself to drift through maritime myth and legend, shuddering at krakens, swooning over selkies and revelling in the wheel's kick and the wind's song.

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