The Joy of Mowing the Lawn

The Joy of Mowing the Lawn


Getting outside, our hands in the earth, watching plants tentatively bud then burst into bloom: gardening is a magical pastime with all the ingredients for radically enhancing our wellbeing. Yet it’s not always easy for us to tap into this – when it is rainy and grey, or we are faced with a mundane task such as mowing the lawn, we can lose sight of the joy of gardening, simply going through the motions to get the job done. This book shows you how to find joy in every moment, and every detail, of gardening, and how to reap the wellbeing benefits this hobby offers.

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Getting outside, our hands in the earth, watching plants bud then burst into bloom: the slow pleasures of gardening are an age-old tonic for the soul.

From sowing seeds to deadheading flowers, growing your own potatoes to welcoming feathered friends into your own garden, discover the joy to be found in every moment of gardening by slowing down, observing nature and planning ahead for the seasons.

Happiest when surrounded by plants, Ellen Mary is passionate advocate for the benefits of nature for wellbeing, spreading the word through The Plant Based Podcast and her regular talks.

The Joy of Gardening includes:

· Understanding your soil
· How to sow seeds and care for young plants
· Tips for recycling and reducing waste in your garden
· How to encourage wildlife into your garden
· Harvesting and cooking with fresh produce
· Choosing and planting trees for both small and larger gardens
· And much, much more!

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