The Lost Song of Paris


She played for love. She fought for freedom. Inspired by incredible true events, ‘The Lost Song of Paris’ is a heart-wrenching story of lost love, danger, and espionage and one remarkable woman’s bravery in World War Two.

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‘A fantastic read. I was gripped and enthralled. Wonderful storytelling’ JILL MANSELL
Fascinating, moving, romantic and utterly gripping. I couldn’t stop reading’ KATIE FFORDE
‘Readers will adore walking through occupied Paris in the footsteps of the brave. A fabulous storyMANDY ROBOTHAM
‘A tense, heart-in-mouth story about courage in Occupied Paris, and secrets’ GILL PAUL

Inspired by true events, a heartwrenching story of lost love, danger and one woman’s bravery in WWII, perfect for fans of My Name is Eva, The Shut Away Sisters and The Secret Messenger.

‘For a moment she closed her eyes and imagined she was perched on the diving board at the Piscine Molitor, the sun beating down on her bare shoulders and the sound of Parisians at play beneath her. All she had to do was jump.’

1941. Darkness descends over London as the sirens begin to howl and the bombs rain down. Devastation seeps from every crack of the city. In the midst of all the chaos is a woman gripping a window ledge on the first floor of a Baker Street hotel. She is perched, ready to jump. And as flames rise around her, she is forced to take her chances.

1997. Amy Novak has lost the two great loves in her life: her husband, Michael, and her first love, music. With the first anniversary of Michael’s death approaching, Amy buries herself in her job as an archivist. And when a newly declassified file lands on her desk, she is astonished to uncover proof that ‘Agent Colette’ existed – a name spoken only in whispers; an identity so secret that it has never been verified.

Her discovery leads her to MI6 ‘godmother’ Verity Cooper – a woman with secrets of her own – and on to the streets of Paris where she will uncover a story of unimaginable choices, extraordinary courage and a love that will defy even the darkest days of World War Two . . .

What real readers are saying about The Lost Song of Paris:

‘I loved this book – a perfect summer read’ ? ? ? ? ?

‘Truly riveting… A heartwrenching story of love and the bravery and danger of those involved in espionage. A must-read in historical fiction’ ? ? ? ? ?

‘A heartwrenching story. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!! THIS BOOK MUST BE READ!!’ ? ? ? ?


The Lost Song of Paris takes you right into the beating heart of occupied France [and] shows us the best and worst of what it is to be human, and the redeeming power of love . . . heart-wrenching’
Jane Bailey

‘Sarah writes with a lyrical beauty. This is a novel you should not miss and is impossible to put down’
Caroline Montague


‘A beautifully worked tale of bravery, woven into the reality of a time we can’t forget’
Mandy Robotham

‘An emotional, beautifully constructed read. I loved the way the clues from the past and present slowly knitted together, answering the questions that had been missing their answers for so long’
Jill Mansell

‘Gripping, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting, I found this beautifully written novel impossible to put down’
Katie Fforde

‘A triumph!’
Gill Paul

‘Evocative writing and the storytelling is masterful. It really draws the reader in’
Felicity Hayes-McCoy

‘A gripping journey about the quiet triumphs and breathtaking courage of so many women in wartime’
Jane Bailey

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