The private lives of the saints


The word ‘saint’ conjures a variety of associations in our modern minds. Some might connect it with suffering, charity and devotion to Christian values; others with miracles, martyrdom and heavenly gifts like the stigmata, while others still associate them with superstition, fanaticism and the power of the Papacy. But far from the one-dimensional pious figures we imagine, the saints were the power players, king makers and politicians of the day, and by re-examining their lives – the art and literature that inspired them, the landscape and buildings that surrounded them, the issues that preoccupied them and the symbolic world that mattered to them – this book provides a unique and fascinating lens through which to explore the rich history of the Dark Ages.

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From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Femina
‘Ramirez blasts a powerful spotlight into the so-called Dark Ages’ – Dan Snow

Skulduggery, power struggles and politics, The Private Lives of the Saints offers an original and fascinating re-examination of life in Anglo-Saxon England. Taking them down from the clouds of their heavenly status, Sunday Times bestselling author and renowned Oxford historian Dr Janina Ramirez explores the real lives of the legendary, seminal saints.

This landmark book provides a unique and captivating new lens through which to explore the rich history of the Dark Ages.

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