What about men?


Caitlin Moran is known for her brave and brilliant writing about the intimate truths of women’s lives. But in recent years, as conversations about male violence and toxic masculinity have raged, she has found herself asking another question: what about the men? In this funny, fascinating and moving book, Caitlin explores the challenges and dangers of modern manhood, but also looks hopefully at the possibilities for a future of compassion and allyship in her frank and inimitable style.

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‘A must-read eye-opener that makes you laugh, cry, get angry and get happy on every page. It’s magnificent’ Bob Mortimer

‘Our greatest modern writer on women turns her eyes on men – and it’s all good’ David Baddiel

As any feminist who talks about the problems of girls and women will know, the first question you will ever be asked is ‘But what about MEN?’ After eleven years of writing bestsellers about women and dismissing this question, having been very sure that the concerns of feminism and men are very different things, Caitlin Moran realised that this wasn’t quite right, and that the problems of feminism are also the problems of, yes, men.

So, what about men? Why do they only go to the doctor if their wife or girlfriend makes them? Why do they never discuss their penises with each other – but make endless jokes about their balls? What is porn doing for young men? Is their fondness for super-skinny jeans leading to an epidemic of bad mental health? Are men allowed to be sad? Are men allowed to lose? Have Men’s Rights Activists confused ‘power’ with ’empowerment’? And is Jordan B Peterson just your mum – but with some mad theory about a lobster?

In this book, Caitlin intends to answer all this and more – because if men haven’t yet answered the question ‘What About Men?’, it’s going to be down to a busy woman to do it.

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