You wouldn’t want to … be married to Henry VIII!


Marrying Henry VIII was not an easy option. This book provides tips such as: Think carefully before accepting his proposal and give birth to a son. It also describes Henry VIII and his wives, as well as information on key figures and events of the time.

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Divorced, beheaded, and died. Divorced, beheaded, survived! Uncover the secret lives of Henry VIII’s ill-fated wives and what life was like as a Tudor queen.Henry VIII has asked for your hand in marriage, but marrying the King was no easy option. Henry VIII was a powerful, ruthless leader, with a track history of beheadings, adultery and scandal. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Tudor court, this book explores Henry and his many wives – what went right, what went wrong, and what ultimately became of them all. With information on the church’s break with Rome and the roles of key figures, such as Wolsey and Cranmer, this treacherous guide is the perfect curriculum companion to the Tudor period.The ever-popular You Wouldn’t Want to Be series transports readers to the grisliest times and places in history, perfect for reluctant readers. The first-person narrative approach puts children in the shoes of some of the most unfortunate people ever to have lived.

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