In pencil-written and drawing-spattered notebooks intended for her Australian granddaughter, an elderly woman, now in Edinburgh, remembers and relives her Hebridean childhood. The community thus recreated is one where modernity – its emblem the ‘Electricity’ of Angus Peter Campbell’s title – collides and overlaps with all sorts of linguistic, cultural and other continuities. But this is no sentimental or elegiac excursion into a long-gone past. What’s evoked here is a powerful sense of what it was, and is, to grow up amid family, neighbours and surroundings of a sort providing, for the most part, both security and happiness.

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Electricity brings us back to an upbringing we may not have experienced but can certainly relate to.

Taking a step back into her Hebridean childhood, Granny writes to her granddaughter in Australia, decorating her notebooks with hand-drawn scribbles and doodles. Though she may now live in Edinburgh, she relives her memories with a sense of warmth and protection.

Yet, it is more than simple nostalgia for a time she cannot return to. At its core, Electricity is about community, and what it is to involve it in your life fully. Electricity itself sparked across the Hebrides and changed the lives of its people forever. You become more than your family, friends, or even neighbours. The landscape itself floods into your DNA. It is something that you will never separate from.

This latest novel from award-winning writer Angus Peter Campbell has already garnered attention across the board. It will be not only popular with rural Scots but those who long for the simpler times they grew up in – times when we were more physically connected.

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