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In For the Love of Farming, Farmer Will reveals his life on the farm, season by season. It’s relentless: the mornings are early and sometimes things don’t go right, but is it fun? Would he be dancing otherwise??

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“The Steve Irwin of Farm Animals” 
You fell in love with Farmer Will for his hilarious, informative – and insanely cute –  TikTok vids. How would you like to visit his farm, meet his animals and escape to the world of this loveable TikToker and champion of modern farming? 
Farmer Will – otherwise known as Will Young – is the eccentric lamb-tending, dancing farmer who’s rocked TikTok since exploding onto the Internet in 2020. His first TikTok was a 60-second video of lambing set to a pounding techno track and since then his videos have captured various aspects of farm- and family life, living in the countryside and mental health, all accompanied by a funloving Will and his trademark tunes.  
In For the Love of Farming, Will reveals the real inner workings of his farm in the beautiful countryside of Buckinghamshire in the UK, season by season.

In each section, Will focuses on his prized possessions – his beautiful sheep and lambs, which he dutifully ‘belly bumps’, ‘bags’ and ‘dags’ as the seasons require. A sixth-generation farmer, Will describes his life on the farm with his indestructible cheer and charisma.

It’s relentless: the mornings are early and sometimes things don’t go right, but is it fun? Of course, it’s fun! In practical, illustrated step-by-steps, Will describes the processes of rearing sheep including treating them for lameness, hoof trimming and, of course, lambing, which he does with the utmost care and attention.

With his trusty pet pigs Timon and Pumbaa rolling over ‘just for tickles’ as Will would say, and the spitting alpacas harassing him around the clock, this is a heartwarming story of adventure and humour, rooted in Will’s passion for farming and the welfare of his animals. 

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